Lenovo Horizon 2 27" All-In-One for Sale!


Optional FREE keyboard and mouse.

This beautiful refurbished Lenovo comes from a loving home. I was going to sell it for $300 but it has some eccentricities. The fan is too loud for my tastes so that is -$50 right there. Also the touchscreen does not work, so that’s another -$50.01. That is why it is only $199.99 now.

On the plus side, the hard drive has been upgraded to a 512 GB SSD (which means faster than the old magnetic platter drive it originally came with). The huge screen is also a huge plus. This would be great for a garage or a shop where you need a simple all-in-one computer without a bunch of extra wires and computer tower etc and don’t mind if the fan is a little bit loud.

It comes with everything listed here. Click on the photos below to see a bigger image. If you would like help setting it up we can set up an appointment to make sure we take care of your needs. Also talk to me about a warranty if you would like.

Delivery available within 20 miles of 95819 for a small fee.

Only $199.99!


  • Big 27″ screen!
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel i5-4210U processor
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Built-In WiFi
  • Built-In Webcam
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Fast USB 3
  • HDMI output for adding a second monitor
  • Headphone jack
  • Retractable fold out stand
  • Genuine Lenovo Power Adapter Included

Call or text (916) 345-9115 for more info. Thank you for your interest!